We can help you resolve legal disputes without the need for Court action, saving you time and money.

Mediation is a forward thinking and cost effective method of resolving legal disputes and an alternative to stressful Court proceedings.

Rather than parties going to Court and a decision being imposed upon them, a mutually agreed third party, known as a Mediator, creates an environment in which parties who have different interests can jointly decide their own outcome. The Mediator listens and helps the parties set their own agenda and find their own solution. The Mediator facilitates the agreement.

We can provide a cost effective and non-confrontational environment in which to resolve civil, workplace and business disputes. We have experience of mediating for all types of disputes, including:

    • Commercial, business and financial disputes
    • Property and land disputes
    • Disputed Wills and Inheritance Act claims
    • Personal injury and medical negligence claims
    • Employment and workplace disputes

We have helped to mediate disputes between parties based in the UK and the Middle East!


When to use mediation?

Mediation can only be used when both parties want to find a solution to their dispute. It usually takes place once you have received independent legal advice from your own Solicitor. Following mediation, you may need to return to your Solicitor to make the resolution legally binding.

How much does mediation cost?

Mediators charge on a fixed fee basis. Contact us for more details - mediation is cheaper than going to the Courts.

If you are a professional and wish to refer your client to our mediation services, please contact Adam K Green.