Our litigation solicitors handle a wide range of matters. We listen to you and explain your prospects of success, how long your case will take approximately, and how much it is likely to cost before you proceed.


Our litigation solicitors can help you or your company by thorough assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of claims and practical civil litigation advice for the resolution of disputes. We also advise on the conduct of negotiations and carry out negotiations on behalf of clients at all stages of a claim.

Working closely with you, our litigation experts develop a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome as quickly as possible, through the courts, successful negotiation, or mediation.

Garden or Land Dispute

Being involved in a property dispute can also be very distressing. It may hamper or prevent the sale of your property, or lower its resale value. If you need experienced legal representation to stem the devaluation of your property, you can rely on us for expert advice and effective representation.

Large plant

Falling out with neighbours can be stressful, and claims made are frequently for rights that are not set out in any deeds, but instead acquired through the passage of time. CKS Law can steer you through the complex and often technical legal arguments and give pragmatic advice based on the strengths of yours and your neighbour’s position.