If you have received a Liability Order recently and feel that you should not be liable to pay the rates, then we may be able to assist you by having the order set aside.


Magistrates Courts make Liability Orders for unpaid Council Tax, for both domestic and non-domestic properties. Council Tax departments frequently request Liability Orders and Magistrates Courts infrequently check the validity of the application – we have dealt with matters where the local authority council’s tax departments have failed to issue correct documentation/notice for a liability order to the Magistrates Court.

There used to be no power for Magistrates to re-open civil cases. This applied even if they became aware their decision was incorrect. Parliament seemingly intentionally did not give a general power to Magistrates to reopen civil proceedings. Therefore, the only route to re-consider a Liability Order was by way of Judicial Review.

However, that all changed with a few cases. Now, a person who has a Liability Order made against them can apply to the Magistrates Court to have them set it aside.

We have dealt with Liability Orders ranging from £250 to £120,000. We receive nationwide instructions and often instruct specialist barristers to attend hearings.