We understand the importance of providing the right learning environment, dealing with issues of harassment and appealing decisions that would hinder academic progression. There are very few further and higher education lawyers in England & Wales acting for the student; we do and we can help.

We have solicitors with many years of experience and expertise in dealing with education matters. Our senior education law solicitor has many years of experience within lecturing and dealing with academic course committees.

education.JPGWe are sure that we can be of help if you are experiencing problems at college or university.

We can assist students by providing advice and guidance, preparation of submissions and if required, can support students by attending academic hearings. Sometimes students may merely wish to seek guidance in the right direction or support during an academic hearing. We are a firm of specialist lawyers and provide a free consultation to help students resolve problems faced whilst at college or university. We have found that some students are unaware that they can seek specialist help to gain professional advice and guidance.

Our higher education lawyers represent at college/university appeal boards. They have succeeded in helping students obtain their desired qualifications and proceed onto their chosen career.